SuperOlio - A new top category of Italian olive oil

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ENGLISH VERSION: My book about Italy's new quality movement in olive oil. With 30 recipes from the cookbook author Cettina Vicenzino. 320 pages with many colour photos and pictures; Format 21 x 28 cm, bound in linen; April 2019; Publishing House: Delius Klasing.

There’s olive oil – and there’s Olive Oil!

So you want to know what you’re eating? How to distinguish good quality from bad? Why peppery pungency and stimulating bitterness throw oil experts into rapture? And which olive oil goes best with which dish?

As one of the oldest staple foods of humankind, olive oil has never been as diverse and healthy as it is today. The fascinating world of flavours is no longer reserved for gourmets and award-winning chefs – with a little background knowledge, you too can discover the new Super Olio! The certified olive oil taster Michaela Bogner opens a door into this world of premium olive oils and introduces the trailblazers behind Italy’s new quality movement.

Sicilian-born cookbook author Cettina Vicenzino shares delicious dishes and how to best use the intensely aromatic oils in your kitchen at home.

Super Olio is a special guidebook and, at the same time, a mouth-watering cookbook for culinary connoisseurs who are keen to prepare healthy dishes using top quality products.

Be inspired.

Michaela Bogner
A new top category of Italian olive oil - healthier and more aromatic than ever

320 pages, approx. 300 photos and images
Format 21 x 28 cm, in Leinen gebunden
Delius Klasing Verlag, "Edition Delius", Bielefeld
Price: (D) 39,90 €

Awards won in Germany:

  • Silver medal Literarischer Wettbewerb 2019 der Gastronomischen Akademie Deutschland (GAD)
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung, 26/27. October 2019: The book SuperOlio is presented in the top ten list of the most interesting new cookbook arrivals of 2019

Available also in the UK, USA and Canada.
ISBN 978-3-667-11454-9